Contract Consulting

Helping You Sign Better Contracts.

Feeling unsure about your current contract or received contract draft? Worry no more. We offer impartial view for every player without an agent.

Currently our consulting services are only available within Finland.

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No agent, no problem.

We are here for all the to-be-pros and self made heroes.

Sport contracts operate in the gray area, often overlooked by players because they simply don’t understand the law jargon. Or they are afraid to ask because they operate with “the big boss”.

Impartial is our middle name

We don’t offer representation, we offer an impartial view.

We wont offer negotiation services for bigger money or any other perks. We simply review the contract, make notes on its painpoints and suggest modifications.

Our Trusted Consultants

Whenever there’s something our team doesn’t know or can’t handle, we lean on these guys. Their expertise both in top level volleyball and law systems knows no limits.

Kaius Peltonen

Kaius Peltonen

Lawyer and former professional volleyball player. After his playing career, he has been strongly involved in developing Finnish volleyball culture in a more professional direction through his profession.
Nisse Huttunen

Nisse Huttunen

Volleyball agent and former professional volleyball player. After his playing career, he has been working as a full-time volleyball agent. Several top volleyball players are managed by him.
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If needed, we can discuss the spesifics of your situation and give you our honest opinion whether we can help you.

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Frequestly Asked

Here are some common questions answered!

Have a question we didn't answer here? Please contact us! We will happily resolve any confusion around our pricing!

Will we negotiate a better contract for you?

No. We offer impartial review of the contract. We wont give an opinion on contract value or other perks.

In fact, we suggest our clients to leave out any unnecessary information regarding money or personal information when sending their contracts. We are only interested in improving the quality of the contract.

Why do we operate only in Finland?

We are experts in finnish law system and finnish volleyball customs. We don't want to mislead our clients by suggesting things that won't be valid in other countries or cultures.

We are planning on expanding our network of experts beyond Finland at some point.

What is our hourly price?

Our price varies case by case. Please contact us so we can talk about your situation. Price is dependent on the expertise needed for your spesific case.

However, we will give you a final quote before we start working so you don't need to worry the price increasing afterwards.

What kind of cases have we reviewed?

We have reviewed cases varying from simple revisions of contract drafts to troublesome disputes between players and teams.

100% of our clients would recommend our consulting services to their friends.

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