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Team SignCircle
October 13, 2022
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Road to SignCircle Network version 1.0

SignCircle Network version 1.0 is currently in development. We have closed the platform temporarily to make some fundamental changes to our platform structure.

Experiences from Beta

We launched SignCircle Network Beta version in December 2021. During off-season 2022, we accepted players and teams nationally in Finland to test our platform first hand and give us feedback. Beta was a major success for us, as we got considerable amount of finnish players and teams signed up for our platform. Users loved our idea and the platform. Our users gave us great ideas for the future, but also provided information about some flaws and bugs.

Current status

We decided to close SignCircle Network as we are making some major changes to our structure and membership plans. We are also introducing some new key features for the platform. Our development team is currently working hard on the release. We will inform you as soon as possible the exact date of the release. Our unofficial goal for the release in in March 2023, but don't hold you breath! We don't want to overpromise anything.

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Just a little while!

We are currently developing the release of SignCircle Network version 1.0.
We are planning on releasing the platform in March 2023.
Read more about the release here!

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