What is SignCircle Network? - New tool for finding contracts

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October 2, 2022
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Introducing the number 1 platform for finding new opportunities!

SignCircle Network is an application for volleyball players and teams to find each other, make a meaningful connection and in the end, sign a new contract. The platform allows users to communicate with ease on the built in direct messaging system. Signing up to our web application is free, quick and easy! You can use Network on any device with a internet browser and an internet connection.

For the players

SignCircle Network users get many benefits. As a player you can make your own player profile, fill out your cv and game videos on your player card. When you're are validated as a real player, teams can find you from player list and contact you. After signing up, you can also actively search for teams, check for free roster spots, and contact team managers and coaches directly.

Read more and get a better understanding about the platform: SignCircle Network for players

Teams fill out their card with relevant information for players looking for contract. You can also message the teams recruiter directly withing the platform.

For the teams

For team users, SignCircle Network allows for broader scope of available players, as the platform allows every player on the market to announce their current contract status. Network provides an easy way to compare and contact players. The passive benefit for joining SignCircle Network is great. After you have signed up for free to SignCircle Network as a team, players can contact you directly withing the applications built in direct messaging system. By keeping your team roster situation up-to-date, player will know when you have room for them.

Even if you are set for next years roster at the moment, browsing through players on Network might save your time to figure out what kind of players are available for the future. Players are required to fill out their current contract duration, so you will know exactly when each player available for contract negotiations.

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Players fill out their volleyball CV when signing up. You will get access to the players basic information, club history and game videos. You can also message the players directly from withing the platform direct messaging system.

Future plans

In general, the goal for SignCircle Network is to bring volleyball teams and players together both globally and nationally. Better and easier communication will help teams to build their roster and help players to build their career. We are also thinking about possibility to add coaches and player agents as an users in Network in the future. Other team sports are also in planning, but for now our focus is fully in making Network fully operational in volleyball.

Upload your best performances to Network & impress recruiters!

Just a little while!

We are currently developing the release of SignCircle Network version 1.0.
We are planning on releasing the platform in March 2023.
Read more about the release here!

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