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October 2, 2022
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Helping teams build their dream volleyball roster

SignCircle Network application offers volleyball clubs unlimited potential when it comes to building a dream team. We have gathered in this blog post the best features that Network has to offer for teams and club managers.

  1. Scouting players has never been this easy
  2. Let players know that you are searching for new players
  3. Communication made simple inside the application

1. Scouting players has never been this easy

Network allows teams to search through huge amounts of players with a few clicks. Looking for a young left-handed setter? Here you go. Or a young middle-blocker with spike reach over 350? Voíla! Maybe a more experienced opposite that is over 2,00 meters tall? We got it all! With Network, you can look for the players that are optimal for your team’s situation from around the world

Filter and sort the list to your specific needs.

2. Let players know that you are searching for new players

In the past, teams have been forced to find the players and contact them. With Network, we are making it possible for players to reach out to teams that are looking for players. All you need to do is to inform on your team’s profile that you are searching for players for a specific role and then players can see this and offer themselves without any effort on your side.

Inform players about available positions on your roster by filling up your team card.

3. Communication made simple inside the application

Network allows teams and players to communicate without sharing e-mails and/or phone numbers inside the application. Our in-application chat feature makes it effortless to contact players in the beginning of the negotiating process where you can ask for more info about the player or their situation. This makes the first contact between teams and players a lot more easier and smoother.

Contact player directly within Network. No more emails or facebook messages.

Just a little while!

We are currently developing the release of SignCircle Network version 1.0.
We are planning on releasing the platform in March 2023.
Read more about the release here!

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